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# Instructions for Submitting Code
### Setup
This only needs to be done once!
1. Create a fork of griffisc/LIDAR_Analysis by clicking on the "Fork" button.
2. If your GitLab user name is lidar_user, this will create a new fork called lidar_user/LIDAR_Analysis that you own.
3. Pull your new fork to your local machine. Browse to local directory where you want the code to live, then do:
`git clone`
4. cd to the new LIDAR_Analysis directory
5. Add griffisc/LIDAR_Analysis as an upstream repository:
`git remote add upstream`
See for details
### Normal Workflow
Do this every time you want to add code to the repository:
1. Pull code from the upstream repository:
`git pull upstream master`
2. Resolve any differences with your code
3. Commit and push your code to your fork's master branch
`git commit -m "Commit message..."`
`git push origin master`
Note that the normal workflow will only modify your fork, not the main LIDAR_Analysis repository.
### Submitting code to the upstream LIDAR_Analysis repository
1. Open a web browser and navigate to; open your fork.
2. Near the top, click "Merge Requests" and then click the "New Merge Request" button.
3. Follow the instructions.
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