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Klett updates

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from __future__ import print_function, division
from datetime import datetime
import numpy as np
from atmospheric_profiles import AtmosphericProfiles
from licel_reader import LICEL
from scipy.optimize import minimize
from scipy.signal import savgol_filter
from scipy.integrate import cumtrapz
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from astropy import units as u
from atca_wizard import AtcaWizard
# alpha_0's in units of m^-1
alpha_dict = { 355 : 7.0101e-5 ,
......@@ -127,7 +132,22 @@ def impose_rebinning(y,b_idx,offset,offseterr,verbose=False):
return (np.resize(yy,cnt),np.resize(yyerr,cnt))
def lidar_klett(coszd: float, height: np.ndarray, sr: np.ndarray, bin_width: np.ndarray, lidar_ratio: float, href_l: u.Qunatity,
href_h: u.Quantity, klett_param: float, atmospheric_profiles: AtmosphericProfiles = None):
atca = AtcaWizard(coszd, atmospheric_profiles)
sr_exchanged = atca.exchange_point_for_klett(height, sr, href=href_l, param=klett_param)
phase_funct = atca.multiply_phase_function(height, sr_exchanged, lidar_ratio, H_ns = AtmosphericProfiles.H_ns)
klett_y, klett_x = atca.solve_LIDAR_klett(height, phase_funct,
href_l, href_h,
lidar_ratio, bin_width, phasefunc=True,
H_ns = AtmosphericProfiles.H_ns)
return (klett_y, klett_x)
def glue_lange(lic_reader,channel_id1=0, channel_id2=1, rebin=0, bg_range=500, bg_range2=2, deltaR=100,deltaa=1., fmin=8., fmax=180.,plot=False, id0=100):
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