Commit e5ebeede authored by Andres.Baquero's avatar Andres.Baquero
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increase number of input arguments checked by datasequencecliparsing()

parent 7af99e26
......@@ -237,14 +237,14 @@ def datasequencecliparsing(command):
standardhandle.verbose(tag, "the argument is {0}".format(args))
# Checking arguments
if len(args) != 6:
if len(args) != 10:
standardhandle.error(tag, "incorrect number of arguments, type -h for help", 2)
# Mapping the telescope argument to an option parameter (it might become an option in the future)
elif args[5] == 'ST':
elif args[9] == 'ST':
standardhandle.error(tag, "not yet ready for telescope {0}".format(options.options.tel_id), 2)
elif args[5] != 'LST1' and args[5] != 'LST2':
elif args[9] != 'LST1' and args[9] != 'LST2':
standardhandle.error(tag, "wrong telescope id, use 'LST1', 'LST2' or 'ST'", 2)
options.tel_id = args[5]
options.tel_id = args[9]
# Setting the default date and directory if needed
options.configfile = set_default_configfile_if_needed(command)
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